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Collection Exhibition

Rather Many Ways for Experiencing Collection Exhibition

Period July 6 (Sat.) ー September 23 (Mon.Holiday), 2024


The focus of our Rather Many Ways for Experiencing Collection Exhibition is how to appreciate and enjoy the works on display. It is an experiment showcasing many ways to appreciate these works, by taking selfies with a work in the background, by touching a tactile graphic or the work itself, by writing and posting personal impressions, or by viewing the work from a lower (or higher) than usual angle, for example.
The planning of this exhibition grew out of a question now being raised at all art museums: how to address the needs of individuals who, for a variety of reasons, find going to museums difficult. Many children or individuals in wheelchairs, for example, find the usual placement of works (with centers 145 centimeters above the floor), too high for their usual line of sight. Those with impaired vision may not be able to appreciate the many works chosen for their visual appeal. This exhibition attempts to address problems like these.
Last September, our museum presented a special exhibition with the title Museum with Many Ways to Enjoy! While preparing for that exhibition, we gathered ideas for ways to appreciate works through conversations and exchanges of opinions with children and persons with disabilities. We have now incorporated some of those ideas in our permanent exhibition. Our hope is that by providing even a few new ways to appreciate works, we can offer our visitors fresh perspectives on art and the museum itself.


July 6 (Sat.) ー September 23 (Mon.Holiday), 2024


Mondays(The next day if Monday is a national holiday)

Opening Hours

9:30-17:00 (Last admission at 16:30)


Shiga Museum of Art Gallery2


Adults ‒ 540 (430)JPY
University & High School Students: 320JPY (260JPY)
Under High School Students: Free
*In August 2024,university students and younger can visit the museum for free.
Holders of a ID of physical disability, mental disability, or intellectual disability: Free
*Addmission Fees in ( ) are group rates for groups of 20 or more.
*Collection exhibition tickets allow access to Gallery 1, Ogura Yuki Corner, and Gallery 2.
◎Every Sunday is “Wooden House Specialty Store Taniguchi Komuten Free Sunday,” when the Collection exhibition is open to everyone free of charge.

Organized by

Shiga Museum of Art

Curated by

So Yamada (Shiga Museum of Art)