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Seniors and People with Disabilities

Free Admission for Seniors

Residents of Shiga Prefecture aged 65 or older can view the collection exhibition for free. Please show proof of age and residence at the reception desk in the lobby.

Free Admission for People with Disabilities

Those who have a physical disability ID, nursing care ID, or mental disability ID, and caregivers of people with a physical disability ID (1st class), nursing certificate ID (class A), or mental disability ID (1st class) (1 person per care recipient) are offered free admission to the collection exhibitions and special exhibitions. Please show your ID, etc. at the reception desk in the lobby. (Note that those who only receive disability pensions are not eligible.)

*Groups do not need to show individual IDs if they apply in advance. Please contact us for more information.

Accessing the Park by Vehicle

Seniors, people with disabilities and others who have difficulty walking can take a private car or taxi from the manned gate at the Biwako Cultural Park East Parking Area to the front entrance of the museum. (There is a designated parking area in front of the entrance).

Wheelchair Borrowing

Wheelchairs (4 units) are available for use in the museum. To use one, please notify the reception desk in the lobby.

Universal Restroom

A universal restroom compatible with wheelchairs and Ostomates is available behind the reception desk.

Assistance Dogs for Persons with Disabilities

Visitors can enter with seeing-eye dogs, hearing assistance dogs, service dogs or other assistance dogs for persons with disabilities. (Entry with ordinary pets is not permitted.)

Visitors with Young Children

Kids’ Area (2nd Floor)

Visitors can read books or take breaks with their children. Eating and drinking is also permitted.
Please be sure to bring a guardian with you to keep an eye on your child.

Family Room (2nd Floor)

Equipped with three private booths (two of which are for women only) that can be used for breastfeeding and changing children’s clothes, a diaper changing table, and a sink and water heater for preparing infant formula and baby food.

Family Restroom (2nd Floor)

Equipped with two toilets for adults and for children and a table for changing clothes, so it can be used by adults accompanied by children.
In addition, there are cots and chairs for babies in the restrooms (men’s and women’s) behind the reception desk on the 1st floor.
And baby chairs in all other restrooms (men’s and women’s).

Stroller Borrowing

Strollers(2 units) are available for use in the museum. To use one, please notify the reception desk in the lobby.