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Gallery 1

Ogura Yuki Corner (Gallery 1)

Gallery 2

Gallery 3

TRAVEL to, Arts and Crafts Nurtured in Shiga (Corner in the lobby)

Gallery 4 (Rental Facility)

This gallery can be used as a place to exhibit your works and creative activities.

Pop-Up Gallery (Mini-Gallery) (Rental Facility)

This compact but high-impact space can be used for small-scale exhibitions.

Room with Sofas



Workshop Room (The capacity is about 50 people)

This room used for workshops and talks is equipped with a screen, whiteboard, water place , etc.

Wood Hall (The capacity is about 180 people)

This room is a venue for events including performances, video screenings, Talks and workshops. The texture of wood creates a calm environment. The capacity is about 180 people.

Kids’ Area

Family Room

Family Restroom

Equipped with two toilets for adults and for children and a table for changing clothes.