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Café and Museum Shop

At the Kolmio, a café & shop in the lobby, you can relax and enjoy drinks, light meals and shopping.

Kolmio in the museum

Kolmio means “triangle” in Finnish. Currently, a store with the same name is also operating in the historic district of Suwai-cho, Omihachiman City, Shiga Prefecture, and the triangle refers to the philosophy of Omi merchants: “Good buyers, good sellers, good world.” This way of thinking means not only pursuing one’s own interests but also the interests and satisfaction of other parties, and connects to SDGs and consideration for nature and people’s living environment, such as nearby Lake Biwa. The new store that has opened in the Shiga Museum of Art aims to be a pleasant place where art, people, and Kolmio are connected. (Operator: Konokuni no Katachi)


The café serves drinks and light meals. Enjoy sweets and a beverage while taking a break. Takeout is available, so you can also enjoy food and drinks in the park picnic-style.

  • Original sweets are produced by Iwasa Noboru, 5th-generation proprietor of Shirohei Rouho, the historic Shiga Prefecture confectioner (founded in 1865).
  • Salad wraps, chock full of the culinary blessings of Shiga Prefecture
  • Coffee
    Coffee is made with beans roasted in Shiga Prefecture. Enjoy a trip around Shiga through a tasty coffee beverage.
  • Tea
    We offer unique sencha, Japanese black tea, roasted green tea, etc. procured from tea growers in Shiga Prefecture.
  • Original Drinks
    Our smoothies are made with vegetables and fruits from Shiga Prefecture.


The shop offers products gathered not only from Shiga but from all over Japan. It is a place where people and things intersect and intellectual curiosity is aroused.

Rediscover Shiga Through Products and Foods

  • Products
    Shigaraki ware, linen and cotton apparel, stationery, Obata Deko dolls, Omi Daruma figures
  • Foods (Groceries)
    Heat-and-eat Omi Beef curry, canned Biwa trout, sweets

Museum Shop Products

  • New crafts made with traditional Japanese artisanal techniques
  • Postcards and merchandise gathered from all over the world

Museum Merchandise

  • Exhibition-related merchandise, catalogues, postcards of works by artists in the collection, etc.