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Special Exhibition

Reopening Memorial Exhibition Soft Territory – Lights of Connection

Period June 27 (Sun.) - August 22 (Sun.), 2021


In 2020, when we were discussing with the artists our new exhibition around the theme of « communication », the COVID-19 global pandemic broke out. With it also came travel restrictions to affected areas, clusters, proclamations of national state of emergency and the advocacy of a « New Way of Life ». In these never-ending and bewildering times of changes, what can we share with you, living in the present moment? This thought is the starting point of this exhibition.
We could not meet friends or family living far away and did not know the face under the mask of a new acquaintance. We could not even eat with people, travel alone and the way we interacted with people changed drastically over the past year. And even though or because of this situation, there are battles and conflicts happening right now, somewhere, to remove someone or something unrelated to our human world. Just like a creature trying to protect its territory at the peril of its life.
Thus, we wanted to shine new lights on these « territories » created by us depending on our connections. During its long closing period for renovation from 2017, the Shiga Museum of Art came together with artists to create the Art Spot Projet outside of the Museum itself, with the help of Shiga Prefecture’s locals. From these experiences full of encounters and discoveries, we came to identify the boundaries of these territories, not as places of conflicts and battles but as places of encounters and creations. From these territories full of magical chances might shine lights of connection to more welcoming places instead of rough and sharp ones.
The 12 artists related to Shiga area are also living the present moment just as yourself, exposed to the changes in our society. This exhibition is a quest with the artists to find together the things created by these lights and explore the nature of these light and soft territories.
May the territories you find here will appease you somehow, during these hard times of survival.


June 27 (Sun.) – August 22 (Sun.), 2021



Opening Hours

9:30-17:00(Last admission at 16:30)


Shiga Mseum of Art Gallery 2, 3, Entrance, Gallery4, etc


Adults ‒ 1,200JPY (1,000JPY)
University & High School Students ‒ 800JPY(600JPY)
Junior high school & Elementary students‒ 600JPY(450JPY)
Under Elementary School Students: Free
Holders of a ID of physical disability, mental disability, or intellectual disability: Free
*Addmission Fees in ( ) are group rates for groups of 20 or more.
*Tickets for this exhibition can also be used to visit the museum’s collection exhibition.


Ishiguro Kenichi/Inoue Yui/Inoue Yukari/Kawano Ai/Komiya Tarō/Takeda Risa/Nishikiwa Ayaka/Fujinaga Kakuya/Fujino Yumiko/Matsunobe Sōshi / Yakushigawa Chiharu/Watarai Yasuhiro

Curated by:

Arai Yasuhiro (Shiga Museum of Art)

Organized by

Shiga Museum of Art

Cooporation with

Seian University of Art and Design – Future Co-creation Design Organization, Kyoto City University of Arts

Sponsored by

WhO http://whohw.jp

Supported by:

Nagahama City, Nagahama City Board of Education, Takashima City, Takashima City Board of Education, Higashiomi City, Higashiomi City Board of Education