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Nukada-no-okimi (Princess Nukada) at Asuka in Spring

YASUDA Yukihiko (1884-1978)


The figure in the foreground is the Asuka Period (c. 538-710) poet Nukada-no-okimi (Princess Nukada). Behind her is a vista of present-day Nara Prefecture as it was in her day, with the three mountains of Yamato (Unebi-yama, Kagu-yama, and Miminashi-yama) in the distance, Kawahara-dera Temple, Motoyakushi-ji Temple, and Fujiwara-no-miya Shrine in the middle distance on the left, and Itabuki-no-miya Shrine, Asuka-dera Temple, and Yamada-dera Temple on the right. Here the pictorial composition is prioritized, and actual geographical relationships differ. Plum blossoms on the lower left indicate that the season is spring. Yukihiko Yasuda was profoundly impressed by a visit to the ancient capital of Asuka when he was 19 years old, and about 60 years later those memories came to fruition in this major late work by the renowned historical painter.


Color on paper
131.1×80.2 cm