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Statues of Liberty

TOMOTO Shisuko (1913-2005)


This work commemorates the first large-scale solo show of the work of Shisuko Tomoto, held at Yokaichi Arts and Cultural Center when the artist was 81. On the left side of the picture, the curator in charge of the exhibition and one of the curator’s friends are portrayed with eye-poppingly energetic brushstrokes, expressing her gratitude for their endeavors. On the right side, the artist and a group of associates smile cheerfully in the foreground, and behind them is a poster for the exhibition, rendered as a picture within a picture. It was after the age of 50 that Shisuko Tomoto began painting, and until her death at the age of 92 she continued meticulously depicting beloved family members, flowers and plants, small animals, and childhood memories with a warm gaze and freely roaming imagination, remarking in the dialect of her native Kumamoto, “I can’t help but paint until I die.”


Oil on canvas
144.0×110.6 cm