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Shiga Museum of Art 40th Anniversary

Creative Adventures by 45 Japanese Art Brut Creators: Endless iterations of the single glyph “も” and more

Period April 20(Sat.) ー June 23 (Sun.), 2024

Yuichi Saito "Doraemon" (2003-2006) Collection: Shiga Prefectural Museum of Art Photo : Nobuo Onishi


Art Brut, referred to in Japanese as “raw art,” is a term coined in the 1940s by the French artist Jean Dubuffet who was inspired by the art created by persons with psychological disabilities, self-taught creators, and others working outside of traditional academic fine art. This exhibition features 45 Japanese Art Brut creators whose works were gifted to the museum by the Nippon Foundation in 2023.

Included are works depicting an obsessive repetition of the Japanese character, a diary with the same content every day written in characters no one can read, and symbols drawn compulsively without even taking time to sleep-we hope you will enjoy these compelling works of inspiration and single-minded enthusiasm.


April 20(Sat.) ー June 23 (Sun.), 2024



Opening Hours

9:30-17:00 (Last admission at 16:30)


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Adults: 950JPY (800JPY)
University & High School Students: 600JPY (500JPY)
Junior High School & Elementary School Students: 400JPY (300JPY)
Under Elementary School Students: Free
Holders of a ID of physical disability, mental disability, or intellectual disability: Free
*Addmission Fees in ( ) are group rates for groups of 20 or more.
*Tickets for this exhibition can also be used to visit the museum’s collection exhibition.

Organized by

Shiga Museum of Art, The Kyoto Shimbun

Curated by

Yamada So (Shiga Museum of Art)