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Special Exhibition

“Museum with Many Ways to Enjoy! Touch, learn, read listen, play, converse, ponder, create…”

Period October 7 (Sat.) ー November 19 (Sun.), 2023

今井祝雄《ヴォワイヤン》 1994-2010年 滋賀県立美術館蔵 ©︎Imai Norio

岡本高幸《とろける身体-古墳をひっくり返す》 2021年 撮影:岡本高幸

山口晃《厩圖2004》 2004年 滋賀県立美術館蔵 ©YAMAGUCHI Akira, Courtesy of Mizuma Art Gallery

藤岡祐機《無題》 2006年頃 滋賀県立美術館蔵


“When you approach an artwork in a museum, is “Look quietly and carefully” the first thing that comes to mind?
Some people may feel nervous or uncomfortable with this expectation.
We must also not forget that there are people who are blind or have difficulty seeing.
This exhibition seeks to expand the possibilities of how we look at artworks and spend time in a museum.
To achieve this vision, we have worked together with people with disabilities, people with roots from different countries, with artists, and with many other people to create ideas.
As a result of our discussions, eight different “mikata,” or way of experiencing artworks, such as touching, talking, and taking photos, emerged.
Enjoy encounters with a variety of artworks that are not just to be looked at.”


October 7 (Sat.) ー November 19 (Sun.), 2023



Opening Hours

9:30-17:00(Last admission at 16:30)


Shiga Museum of Art Gallery 3


950JPY (800JPY)
University & High School Students: 600JPY (500JPY)
Junior High School & Elementary School Students: 400JPY (300JPY)
Under Elementary School Students: Free
Holders of a ID of physical disability, mental disability, or intellectual disability: Free
*Addmission Fees in ( ) are group rates for groups of 20 or more.
*Tickets for this exhibition can also be used to visit the museum’s collection exhibition.

Organized by

Shiga Museum of Art

Curated by

Yamada So (Shiga Museum of Art)
Graphic design for the exhibition by: Neki. inc