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Collection Exhibition

Touch on SMoA Collection

Period October 7 (Sat.) ー December 20 (Wed.),2023


This exhibition was made with the idea of enabling people who cannot see or have difficulties seeing appreciate art at our museum.

We are focusing on paintings and prints that can be considered the most visually expressive.
Exhibited here are the art works from our collection alongside tactile drawings, which
support appreciating them with senses other than sight.
Tactile drawings are replications of paintings, photographs, or other images created for people with visual disabilities that can be understood by touch.
Unlike an explanation in words by someone else, tactile drawings allow the person touching them to explore the image at their own pace.
However, creating a tactile drawing is a difficult process.
How does one best represent the colors, what is depicted, the texture of paint and so on through touch?
How does one express the size of a work that is far larger than one’s own body?
We discussed this with the people who made the tactile drawings, along with people who have visual disabilities.
Some tactile drawings were made with input from the artist who produced the original work.
During these discussions, many ideas about how to communicate size and construction of the work go into the creation of a tactile drawing.

We hope that exploring works through touching tactile drawings enriches appreciation for works for both people with visual disabilities and sighted people.


October 7 (Sat.) ー December 20 (Wed.),2023


Mondays, November 20 (Mon.) ー November (Wed.)

Opening Hours

9:30-17:00(Last admission at 16:30)


Shiga Museum of Art Gallery 2


Adults ‒ 540JPY (430JPY)
University & High School Students ‒ 320JPY(260 JPY)
Under Junior High School Students: Free
Holders of a ID of physical disability, mental disability, or intellectual disability: Free
*Addmission Fees in ( ) are group rates for groups of 20 or more.
*Collection exhibition tickets allow access to Gallery 1, Ogura Yuki Corner, and Gallery 2.
◎Every Sunday is “Wooden House Specialty Store Taniguchi Komuten Free Sunday,” when the Collection exhibition is open to everyone free of charge.

Organized by

Shiga Museum of Art

Curated by

Yoshikawa Noriko (Shiga Museum of Art)

Translated by

Lingua Guild