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Special Exhibition

IMAMORI Mitsuhiko Satoyama, where the water smells

Period July 8 (Sat.) ー September 18 (Mon. Holiday.), 2023

今森光彦《船着き場の朝》 2000年©️Mitsuhiko Imamori

今森光彦《トチの実を拾う人》 2002年©️Mitsuhiko Imamori

今森光彦《おしょらいさん》 1998年©️Mitsuhiko Imamori

今森光彦《やまおやじ》 1991年©️Mitsuhiko Imamori

今森光彦《ヤマウルシの紅葉とオオカマキリの影》 1985年©️Mitsuhiko Imamori

今森光彦《比叡山の裾野に広がる田植えの頃の棚田》 1989年©️Mitsuhiko Imamori

今森光彦《朝焼けの棚田》 1986年©️Mitsuhiko Imamori

今森光彦《野菜を洗う人》 1999年©️Mitsuhiko Imamori

今森光彦《かばたの井戸》 1998年©️Mitsuhiko Imamori

今森光彦《朝焼けの比良山》 1997年©️Mitsuhiko Imamori

今森光彦《冬のヨシ原》 1996年©️Mitsuhiko Imamori

今森光彦《オナガガモの群れ》 2002年©️Mitsuhiko Imamori

今森光彦《光る湖面》 2001年©️Mitsuhiko Imamori


The “IMAMORI Mitsuhiko: Satoyama, Where the water smells” exhibition at the Shiga Museum of Art will feature Imamori’s series of satoyama photos restructured with the keyword, “water smells.”
There are signs of water in all of Shiga’s satoyama, from the mountains, wood lands, terraced rice field, lakesides, reed beds, and Lake Biwa. Imamori captures such a three-dimensional water cycle in satoyama along with activities of humans and the life cycle of living creatures. The “water smells” is a symbolic smell of satoyama, a complex mixture of them.
What would you imagine if you thought about the “water smells”? It may be surprisingly difficult to describe. It can be the scent of a waterfront, or rain. Some might even think of an earthy smell, or chlorine smell, and some may think of no scent at all.
The complexity of the water smells holds the potential to lead to our personal nostalgic landscapes. We hope that this exhibition will provide an opportunity for each of us to recall our personal nostalgic landscapes and to ponder the future.


July 8 (Sat.) ー September 18 (Mon. Holiday.), 2023



Opening Hours

9:30-17:00 (Last admission at 16:30)


Shiga Museum of Art Gallery3


Adults ‒ 1,200JPY (1,000JPY)
University & High School Students ‒ 800JPY(600JPY)
Elementary & junior high school students‒ 600JPY(450JPY)
Under Elementary School Students: Free
Holders of a ID of physical disability, mental disability, or intellectual disability: Free
*Addmission Fees in ( ) are group rates for groups of 20 or more.
*Tickets for this exhibition can also be used to visit the museum’s collection exhibition.

Organized by

Shiga Museum of Art

Cooperation with

Aurelian Garden Ltd., Crevis Inc., Taneya Co., Ltd.

Sponsored by

Nikon Corporation and Nikon Imaging Japan Inc.

Supported by


Curated by

Ashitaka Ikuko (Shiga Museum of Art)

Graphic design for the exhibition by

Nagaoka Ryoko (Nagaoka Design)

Production cooperation

Horiuchi Color Ltd.

Translated by

Fraze Craze Inc.